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 October 2005 News

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BeitragVerfasst am: Di 15 Nov, 2005 08:44    October 2005 News  Antworten mit ZitatNach oben

Dear Friends

It has been a long and testing summer for me. After recording the new rock album, ‘Re-animator’ with the band back in January I then had to delay its completion until October as my parents had a car accident in March which left my mother bed-ridden in hospital for many months. And although my father escaped injury he had to have a heart pacemaker fitted which meant that I had other things on my mind than music during that time. I would like to thank all of you who sent their best wishes – it was much appreciated. Since September my mother has returned home from hospital and is recovering very well, so that episode appears to be behind us now..

I took the opportunity of the delay to write and record a few more songs and have now added two tracks to the album and removed one that wasn’t in the same style, which I think makes this album the strongest I have ever made. As I mentioned in a previous website message there is a linking theme to some of the songs – the stories and characters of horror writer H.P.Lovecraft – but not all of the songs have that concept in common.

I am hoping it will be released by Italian label Black Widow in January and perhaps also by a German label as I know it is not always easy to find my albums in certain countries if they have to be imported. But if you have trouble finding it I am sure the PRAS will have copies available from the usual UK address (see below) by mail order nearer the release date.


But if you can’t wait until January there is a way you can obtain a FREE preview of a couple of tracks NOW, three months before the release plus five rare recordings. Those nice people at the PRAS have offered to make a 7-track CD for any visitor to this website who helps in one of the following ways. All you have to do to get a copy of the CDR is either……

Contact 3 websites and get them to agree to add a link to or The sites can be for other artists such as Syd Barret, Robyn Hitchcock, Hawkwind, Donovan, Al Stewart, for example), or writers (H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, MR James etc). Or the sites might be dedicated to a specific musical genre (psychedelia, Goth, 80s singer-songwriters, independent music etc) Or related themes (Fantasy fiction, horror movies, Victorian mysteries etc etc). In fact, ANY site that you think might attract people who might like Paul’s music can be contacted and we will, of course, add a link in return to their site if they agree.


You can offer to translate some short reviews or magazine articles from your own language into English for us. We have an archive of reviews/critiques and interviews in German, Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch and Flemish, but unfortunately we are not bi-lingual as are many of our European friends and we would really like to know what the reviews say about Paul’s recent releases. Just e-mail or and tell us which language you can translate into English and we will send you some photocopies to translate. But please don’t forget to supply your postal address.

The 7 track CD will include TWO tracks from the new album (which will be different to the finished versions) PLUS FIVE rarities - an outtake from ‘Re-animator’ which will probably not be included as an extra on the CD and the four tracks from the EP that is being issued with the vinyl edition of ‘Pavane’ by Black Widow. These are ‘Meadows Of The Sea’ [new recording, 2005], ‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else’ [new recording, 2005], ‘Death of a Clown’ [previously unreleased recording from 1995] and ‘Dazed and Confused’ [previously unreleased recording from 1992]. So, if you already have ‘Pavane’ on CD and don’t want to buy another copy on vinyl just to get the collectible EP, you can have those tracks for free by helping the PRAS in either of the 2 ways described above. That should help brighten those long winter evenings.

Digital Downloads

Those of you who have been looking for the older albums such as ‘Danse Macabre’, ‘Masque’, ‘Roaring Boys’ and ‘Gargoyles’, all of which are long deleted, may be interested to know that they are now available for downloading from and so you can download the complete album or just the tracks you want.

‘Pavane’, ‘A Cabinet of Curiosities’/’Happy Families’, ‘Duel’ and ‘Gaslight Tales’ are also available for downloading from Appleitunes, Sony Music and approximately 30 other sites, so you no longer have to search dusty old rare record stores for the original releases – although that used to be the fun of record collecting for me in the days before the internet. When I was 14 I used to go into small specialist collector’s shops and ask for Grateful Dead albums which elicited incredulous looks from the old hippies behind the counter and earned me a lot of credibility – although I must admit I’d never actually heard any Dead records – I was ‘into’ Black Sabbath and Marc Bolan at the time!

Italian Website Revamp

Our Italian friend Alberto Crossio has worked long and hard this summer to completely revamp and restock the Italian website with lots of new features. Among these are the Complete Lyrics to every song Paul has recorded, a selection of tour posters and archive interviews and reviews (as opposed to the latest interviews which will be found on the German site).

The site is intended as an archive so that it complements the German site and does not repeat the same material. In the near future Alberto hopes to have sample video clips from concerts and other rarities. You will also find a ‘What’s New?’ icon so if you are a frequent visitor you can find out straight away what has been added since your last visit. Cool eh?

So if you haven’t visited it now, please go to ( and if you have any suggestions as to what else you would like to see on the site, just e-mail us and we will do our best to oblige.

That’s it for now. Take care and please feel free to write. I’d love to hear from you.


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